Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sean's Caricature Thursday

So as many of you may know I have been drawing caricatures at a particular theme park for a set amount of years. I've always been interested in the comedy aspect of drawing. It's fun to say I get to paid to draw people dumb and/or stupid, or like a cartoon.

One of the best experiences of working in this type of environment is the element of creativity other artists, as well as yourself, can have. One of the ways to bring in customers is to do "demos" of your fellow employees. Not only is it a great way to draw someone a little crazy but it's a sort of boost for new artists to see what someone can do with a caricature.

Here are two of my close friend's caricatures they drew of me not too long ago. This goes to show what can be done to a face under the right circumstances.

The first is done by Matt Zitman. He's an asshole and I love him. That statement has nothing to do with the drawing.

The Second is from Chris Chua. I think he does acid and shrooms before his drawings.

So there you have it. My advice to anyone the next time you visit a theme park, or some other place, that does caricatures is to get one for yourself. Just sit down and get a drawing, pay the few bucks it is for someone's talent and time. and have a good laugh. Remember it's just not a piece of paper, it's a documented piece of paper of someone making fun of you while they make a wage to pay their rent or their drug habit, much like Chua*.


*Chris Chua does not have a drug problem. He's just asian.

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