Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keith's Top Seven of the Week "Seven Stupid New Jersey Town Names" (Fartville is not one of them)

New Jersey has been the butt of almost every state joke since the Revolutionary war when General Washington referred to use as one of the original COLON... ies. Continuing right where our first president left off I will be show casing the top seven stupidest names for towns through out the state of New Jersey. To authenticate all of my claims I have also places the nearest major highway.

7)Moonachie (Route 120)
Little known fact about this word is that in Lebanese this word is actually a racial slur against the Irish.

6)Wayne (Route 23)
This name is ugly ever for a human.

5)Ho-Ho-kus (Route 17)
Sounds like Hooker Magic.

4)Perth Amboy (Route 440)
It just sounds like some one with out front teeth is trying to say Purse.
"I lotht my perth. Can any one help me find ma perth."

3)Loveladies (Long Beach Boulevard)
This is where Ryan goes on vacation every fall to watch the foliage turn.

2)Buttzville (Route 31)
Hold on to your Buttzville... (20 points to anyone who knows that reference.)

1)Munka Chunk (Route 46)
This place could either be an indian burial ground or a new flavor of ice cream.

I love you.

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