Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keith's Top Seven of the Week "Help me complete this scavenger hunt."

Several days ago I signed up to compete in a nationwide scavenger hunt. I have made some great head way already in writing up the list and thinking about getting the things on it but I need someone to do the heavy lifting. That is were you, the loyal readers come in. To completely my list and win 1 million XBOX live points I will need...

7) A hand model from Pittsburg.
6) The Last Unicorn (VHS or DVD)
5) 132 H1N1 prevention posters
4) An Arby's Oven mitt
3) Chad Krueger
2) 3 pictures of topless grandmpothers
1) A samoan's tongue

If you can bring any one of these things to the next show I will be forever ever in your gratitude and I will loan you Lizzie or Billy for the night.

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