Friday, February 5, 2010

Ryan, Turned Off

Here are some quotes from Billy's favorite book, IN LOVE WITH A THUG by Reginald Hall.

"I sucked on his lips like a Hoover vacuum, tasting everything that he'd had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." page 108.

"Darnell had never come close to what this n*gga was doing. I mean, Bryant's tongue was going up, down, and around inside my dookie cave. Now that's some fly sh*t." page 109.

"I grabbed his bubble if I was in charge. Now I knew the TRUE meaning of "a pancake ain't done until you flip it" or "a chicken ain't done unless you cook it on both sides"" page 191.

"...I mean, how many months was she?"
"Baby, she was 7 and a half months pregnant."
"I didn't know that people could still have abortions that late in their pregnancy"
"'s more money"
- an exchange between Juan and Bryant, page 113.

"Father Charles was known for his fierce voguing" page 136.

"The field across the street, which was now a nursing home, was where I'd first played the game "Catch a Girl, Freak a Girl" page 174.

"I signed onto AOL and had over a hundred emails. Two were from Bryant. The rest were junk e-mails" page 176.

"I mean, there's no toilet paper in the bathroom anymore."
"Keisha, I'ma need you to calm your voice in MY salon" I stated firmly.
"Calm my voice, pussy, I'm mad as shit cause I'm still working here without gettin' paid and my jaw still hasn't been the same since that girl your boyfriend is f*cking punched me for no reason"
- a quarrel, page 179

"I'm gonna look for a cd to groove to while I'm tearing that ass up". I look at my cd collection and passed by TLC, India Arie, Chaka Khan...I closed my eyes and began to f*ck the sh*t out of him. I began thinking of all the things that a thug stood for". page 190
To read more, purchase a copy of your own or ask Billy for his. And for more by Reginald Hall, pick up his controversial book MEMOIRS: DELAWARE COUNTY PRISON.

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