Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lizzie Misses the Classics

Think back to when television was simple. When you could turn on Nickelodeon without the fear that your favorite show would not be on, because every show was awesome. Sadly times be a changing, and the shows we grew up with are now slowly fading into the shadows of yester-year. Let us bow our heads in remembrance and look back on all the good times with some of the more obscure shows...

Forget "All That", this was THE sketch comedy show for kids. With set pieces made out of junk material, a house band, dance breaks, and a grandpa moving about in a motorized recliner, this show was the "In Living Color" of SNICK. I frown upon all who don't remember this classic...IT RAN FOR 4 SEASONS YA BASTARDS!

The Secret World of Alex Mack
Who doesn't find a show about a high school girl getting dowsed by harmful chemicals, only to find she has super powers, a bad idea for kids? Ummm...NO ONE! Alex Mack was freaking awesome. This girl had telekinesis, could shoot electricity from her fingers, and morph into a silver puddle. Her only drawback was when she got upset and turned bright yellow, and was constantly being hunted down by the CEO of the chemical plant. A fair trade in my book...especially for the silver puddle trick.

Wild and Crazy Kids
The best game show where no one won ANYTHING! It wasn't even really a game show. Kids would play three games an episode just for shits, and hope they didn't get severely hurt. Examples of these were giant slip n' slide relays, human battleship (when you were sunk, a bucket of an unidentifiable substance would be dumped on your head), and the safest of them all: sliding down a waterslide with a bucket on your head and a backpack filled with tomatoes strapped to your chest...i know...i know.

Space Cases
I was personally quite addicted to this show. It was like what LOST is to our generation now. A bunch of kids from every planet in the galaxy get lost in space and travel to unknown worlds. This was in some ways even better than Alex Mack because all the kids had certain powers depending on which planet they were from. It made kids really think that maybe, just maybe, there were kids that looked just like us living on Saturn...but with rainbow hair and super sonic screaming ability. well it made sense to me.

Big head...little bodies...inappropriate puppets...and a sweet ass Hanukkah special. Teaching children the clever catchphrase "I'm Boney, I'm Boney, leave me alone-y". Barney ain't got nothing on that shit!

I know you're YouTubing all of this right now....don't lie.

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