Monday, February 1, 2010

Keith's Middle School Journal Entry #3

As a child of two hard working parents I spent many afternoons and weekends with my Nanny. Incase you were wondering my parents were not rich that is what I lovingly refer to my grandmother as. Nanny loved TBS daytime cop dramas and after finding this latest middle school journal entry I realized how much it affected me.

February 18th, 1993 3:30pm

Officer Briscoe and I have making our normal rounds in the neighborhood when we noticed a group of suspicious high school kids hanging out at the local convenience store. They smelled of smoke and spoke openly of how their leader would score them some good stuff soon. We double back to get a better look at the leader but they had left before we could get a good ID.

February 19th, 1993 3:42pm

Office Briscoe and I sat outside of the store waiting for the group to return. Office Briscoe got impatient so we went called it a day and returned home.

February 20, 1993 4:15pm

A break in the case, as soon as Office Briscoe and I arrived on the scene a fight broke out between the leader and his second in command. No shots were fired but in the fight a soda was spilled on Office Briscoe’s coat. He was so mad, all he had to do was bare his teeth and the fight was over. Every one got out of there in a rush. It was a successful day.

February 23, 1993 3:24pm

I have spent the past three days in hiding because the leader of the gang knows where I live. It was a rookie mistake but I forgot to check behind me when I was walking home from school. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out okay.

February 25, 1993 4:00pm

Office Briscoe was killed in the line of duty today. I arrived home from school to find my partner under a white blanket in the backyard. My parents wouldn’t go in to details but it was a hit and run by some careless high school students. We buried him behind the shed.

March 12, 1993 12:32

My parents surprised me with an early birthday gift! I got a new dog; I think I will name him D.A. Macoy. But don’t think this means I will forget Office Briscoe; he was the best Westie ever.

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