Sunday, February 14, 2010

HDO vs. The Feud

The crowd is roaring with anticipation. Here I was, on Family Feud. I was in the final round, and I needed to get 70 points to get the grand prize of $10,000. All eyes were on me, and I really knew this was my time to shine. The questions started coming, and I started to completely blank on EVERYTHING. I don't have answers to ANY questions.

"What are popular foods served on Thanksgiving?"

"Popular summer vacation destination?"

"What is the most popular household pet?"

I DON'T KNOW!!! I just don't know!!

"Hot dogs?"




I am completely blanking, and time is running out, and all of a sudden, there's a noise underneath me. Suddenly, there's a banging noise from a crate that has appeared at my feet. The crate opens, and out comes....Sean.

You know those scenes from shows when someone pops up in a cameo? Huge name in a hit show, and the fans freak out, and the studio audience cheers and the show gets delayed because of the applause? The opposite happened. Silence. And someone put on a sound effect on crickets. However, I figured that would all change once the announcer proclaimed over the PA:


The cricket noises got louder. Sean looked confused to be there. I got frustrated and walked off the set, and walked down a flight of stairs, opened the door and was suddenly in my room at home. Because that's the layout in real life. Keith was playing video games on my TV, and I flipped out that he wasn't watching us on the Feud. I turned the game off and started flipping through channels, looking for a replay of my time on television(more like awesomevision) but could not find it. I was getting really annoyed, because despite the horrible finish, it was probably the best publicity we'd ever had. I turned around to tell Keith that I couldn't find the show, and when I did, there were suddenly 25 people in my room, drinking. It was a full blown SHINDIG. People getting drunk, dancing, singing, and seemingly having a great time in very cramped quarters. Sean came downstairs, and announced that I was not allowed back on Family Feud since I left before it was over, and I lost my chance at any money. I was annoyed, until a girl holding a beer said she had to show me something. She walked into my closet, but before I could follow her, she slid the door of my closet closed. I got depressed and drank a beer.

And then I woke up.

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