Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Billy vs. Trends

I feel like I'm generally behind on the times when it comes to what's popular. I don't listen to much current music beyond a few bands I really enjoy, and I don't have much of a fashion sense. I have jeans, t-shirts, and button down shirts. That's essentially it, and I'm okay with that. What I think I am usually keeping in touch with is the internet, because I'm essentially on it for 8 hours every day at work, and I tend to live on my computer. I wish I was not so dependent on it, but that's just how it is. SO, when random fads and trends and recurring jokes pop up on the internet, I tend to see them in all stages. The discovery, the laughter, the joy, the excitement and fun of it. Then, I watch as it gets used too much, and gets put into too many different scenarios until eventually the only place you see it is when it's being used ironically, like, "Oh man, remember THAT? Boy we were losers." That's just the way of the internet, and I guess the way of the world.

The newest trend, that I thought was just insanely stupid is a series of groups that I see popping up on Facebook. Apparently now there needs to be a group for every possible human emotion, thought, action and occurance. It's insane. Some honest example I have seen:

"Hanging out at night."

"Flinching in bed because you had a dream you were falling."

"That S thing everyone drew in school."



"Saying something and then realizing you meant to say something else"

"Fat girls wearing skinny girls clothes"

"Being outside"

"Being inside"

"Eating pizza with friends"

"Looking down at my phone"

If you need to connect with other people that have cell phones and like being outside and eating food, I think the problem is that you're still on Facebook. Go outside. LIVE.

But thanks for staying in to read this blog.

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