Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lizzie's Hardcore Moment of the Week: Never Drink and Squeak

It's you know where your beer is?

Just last night, in Palmerston, Australia at around 2:30am, a man committed the horrible act of breaking into a house and stealing all the alcohol from the fridge! He did not take anything else in the house, but instead went for the most valuable items the inhabitants owned: a six-pack of beer, and two bottles of wine.

This quick thinking burglar knew he could not hold all the items by himself to make a quick getaway, so he decided to use their wheelie bin to help him make a smooth exit.

Unfortunately, this particular bin was particularly and insanely loud and squeaky. This instantly woke the homeowners who then called the police.

Although the victims never got a look at the burglar, it was pretty easy to give the cops an accurate description: he's the creepy guy walking down the road at 2:30am with a wheelie bin as loud as two birds getting fisted.

He was found pretty soon after just one block away. One less monster walking those fine Australian streets.

God Bless America.

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