Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guys and Dolls: The Ugly Truth

Sooo, this morning I was in my car listening to the radio and the DJ was talking about these strange things called "real dolls". Now these dolls aren't your regular run of the mill sex dolls. They aren't blowup dolls...they are unfortunately so much more. These dolls are so lifelike that some men regard them as real people. These sad and lonely fellas create relationships with the dolls, and don't even use them primarily for sex, just for some kind of company in their lonely pathetic world. Now this may just sound sad and lame, but it is so much more sick and twisted than you can imagine. Just watch the first half of a documentary about these men who have fallen in love with their real dolls. Caution: you may want to throw up after the first 2 minutes.

Sorry for the nightmares.

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  1. Judgmental..

    I'm a married female RealDoll owner.